Surveys consist of an introduction, which is displayed to the participant before he or she starts answering questions, a series of Questions that participants complete, and a conclusion, which is displayed to the participant after he or she completes all the questions. It is also possible to permit, or require, that participants enter some personal information before completing the Survey.

Optionally, you may also add a Privacy Policy that will inform the participants on what personal information is being collected and for what purposes.

Survey Properties

The survey properties are accesible via 4 sub-tabs: Text, Options, Registration, Re-Invitation


Property Name

Property Description


The name of the survey. This name will be displayed as the title of the survey's window when participants complete the survey.

Short Name

A short name for this survey to use in the survey's URL. For example, Do not use any characters other than letters, numbers and dashes in the short name.


The languages in which participants can complete this survey. You will required to provide all the pieces of text in the survey in each of the languages selected.

Access Type(s)*

See the "Controlling Who Participates" section below.


Indicates if this Survey is currently available to participants.

You may temporarily suspend access to the Survey be unchecking this field.

Activation Date

The date on which the survey will automatically become accessible. Use this date to prevent participants from completing the survey before the date specified.

Deactivation Date

The date on which the survey will automatically become inaccessible. Use this date to prevent participants from completing the survey after the date specified.

Progress Bar

Select this option to display a progress bar indicating the percentage of the survey the participants have answered. You can display the progress bar above or below the questions.

Personal Information

Indicates if participants are asked to enter the personal information as defined for the Survey. The participants will be able to enter personal information before they start answering the Questions.

Validate personal information

Indiciates if participants are required to validate their personal information before accessing the survey. Only the personal information fields with the option "Validate on access" will be validated.

Prevent Multiple Responses

Indiciates if the personal information of participants will be validated to prevent the same personal information from being used to respond to the survey more than once. Only the personal information fields with the option "Validate on access" will be validated.

Show Introduction

Indicates if an introduction message is displayed before the questions.


An introduction message displayed to participants before they start answering the Questions.

Show Conclusion

Indicates if a conclusion message is displayed after the questions.


A conclusion message displayed to participants when they finish answering the Questions.


Header text to display at the top of the survey window that will be visible during all of the survey.


Footer text to display at the bottom of the survey window that will be visible during all of the survey.

Submit Confirmation

The text to show to confirm a participant's answers have been submitted.

Show Privacy Policy

Indicates if a privacy policy is displayed to participants before they start answering the survey.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy to display to participants before they start answering the survey.

* denotes a mandatory field.


Property Name

Property Description


A password that participants will be required to provide before being able to complete the survey.


Check this field to make participants complete a captcha before accessing the survey.

Email Notification

Indicates if email notifications are sent to you when participants  submit survey responses.

Email Notification Email

The email address to which to send the email notifications.

Confirm Responses by Email

Indiciates if the participant will be sent a copy of his or her responses by email. The email will be sent only if the participant provided his or her email address.

Show Table of Contents

Indicates if a table of contents can be viewed by participants. The table of contents displays the survey's sections and allows participants to quickly navigate to different sections of the survey.

Save Survey

Indicates if survey participants can save their answers to complete the survey at a later time. When they save their answers, the participants are asked to provide an email address so that a link to continue answering can be sent to them.

Submit on Last Question

Mark the participants' answers as completed when they answer the last question, rather than requiring them to click the "Submit" button on the conclusion page.

Allow minimization of window

Indicates if participants can hide the survey window to view the underlying website.

Randomize Questions

Indicates if the questions are presented in a random order for each participant.

Lock After Submit

Indicates if participants are prevented from making modifications to their answers once a survey has been submitted.

Kiosk Mode

Check this field to enable Kiosk mode that will display a link to allow kiosk visitors to start the survey from the beginning. When kiosk mode is enabled and a participant completes the survey, the survey will automatically restart at the beginning. If a participant starts to complete the survey but abandons, after a timeout period, the survey will automatically restart at the beginning.

Timeout (s)

The kioks mode timeout in seconds after which to automatically restart the survey at the beginning if a participant starts to complete the survey but abandons.

Show Save Message

Check this field to show a save message everytime a participant submits answers to a question.

Download Reponses

Check this field to enable participants to download their responses in PDF format. A download button will appear at the bottom of the survey.


Check this field to ensure the personal information of participants is never stored.

Automatic Resume

Check this field to enabled automatic resume. If a participant doesn't complete a survey and re-opens the survey link using the same device and browser, the participant will resume on the last question that was saved.

Disable Previous

Check this field to disable the "Previous" button and prevent participants from going back to change answers.

Timeout (m)

Indicates the maximum number of minutes a participant has to complete the survey. Once the timeout has expired, the participant will no longer be able to complete questions.

Redirect URL

The web page to display when participant have submitted their answers. For example,

Custom Survey URL

A custom survey URL that participants will use to access the survey. This URL will be used in invitation and answers saved emails sent to participants.

Support Email

Enter a support email to allow participants to contact you to ask questions.


Property Name

Property Description

Require Registration

Indicates if participants must register before they can complete the survey. They will need to provide their name and email address.

An email with a unique participation code will also be sent to the participant.

Registration Email

The text of the email message to sent when a participant registers to complete the survey.

You may use the following tags in your email: $$url$$ for the link to use to complete the survey, $$fname$$ for the participant's first name and $$lname$$ for the participant's last name.
These values will be automatically replaced when the message is sent to the participant.


Property Name

Property Description


A list of days on which to send re-invite messages. For example: 3,7 would send a re-invite message on the third and the seventh days after the original message was sent.

Message Template

The message template to use to send the reinvitation messages

Controlling Who Participates

When creating online surveys, you will want to control who can participate. You select who may participate in your surveys by selecting the Survey's Access Type(s). Interceptum offers three Access Types as described below.

Access to a Survey may be any combination of these three levels. For example, by selecting Invite and Intercept, you will have two types of participants. First, the participants that you individually invite by sending them an email via the Interceptum platform. The second group of participants are the visitors who have been intercepted on your web site and who have agreed to participate in the online survey.




Any person who has the Survey's URL can access the survey online and participate.

You may simply email the Survey's URL to the persons you want to participate.


Only participants who have been invited through the Interceptum platform can participate.

When a participant is invited via the Interceptum platform, an invitation code is automatically generated and sent to the participant by email. The Survey's URL is also sent to the participant.


Only participants who have been intercepted, by an Intercept integrated on your web site, and who have accepted the invitation can participate.

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