Survey Actions

Survey actions are used for two purposes.

Email Survey Actions

First, an email can be automatically sent to a specified email address when a participant submits survey responses that have one or more specified answers. By notifying the appropriate person in your organisation, the survey action will enable you to respond rapidly to any type of feedback.

For example, if a client indicates selects the answer "Not Satisfied" to the question "Are you satisfied with the [service] you received?", an email can be automatically sent to a customer representative to respond rapidly. The email will include the answers submitted by the customer.

Web Survey Actions

Secondly, a survey action can be used to load a specified URL. This type of action is used to integrate Interceptum with other information management systems. When the URL is invoked by Interceptum, the participant's answers are posted to the server in HTML format, in XML format for easy parsing, and PDF format. You can then use the answers submitted by the participant to create entries in the other information management system.

For example, you could a create a web survey action that will add a Task in a Task Tracking Software or in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. From there, the issue can be monitored and appropriate actions can be taken.

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