Survey Quotas

Survey quotes are used to automatically prevent participants from completing the suryey if their answers meet the conditions defined in a survey quota and the total number of participants defined in the quota is reached.

When a survey participants's answers meet the criteria defined in the quota, they are presented with a termination message.

You can define multiple quotes per survey.

Property Name

Property Description


The name of the survey quota.


The maximum number of participants who answers meet the quota's condition that can complete the survey. Once the number of participant's whose answers meet the conditions is reached, the next participants whos answers meet the quota conditoins will be presented with the termination text and will not be allowed to complete the survey.

Termination Text*

The text to present to the participant when they are prevented from completing the survey.


The conditions the participant's answers must meet for the participant to be covered by this quota.

* denotes a mandatory field.

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